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Amelia M. L. Montes studies Chicana and Latina literature and theory, late nineteenth century and contemporary American literatures, and Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans literatures. She also writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Her scholarly work focuses on narrative contexts that complicate and contradict national, social, and personal identities: how our own complex relationships to power cross ethnic, gender, sexual, and racial borderlines. She has published several articles on the nineteenth-century Mexican American writer, María Amparo Ruiz de Burton (1832-1895), and has edited a new edition of Ruiz de Burton's first novel, Who Would Have Thought It?

Montes' short stories have appeared in a number of journals and collections such as River City Journal, Saguaro, Elixir, Hers3. She is currently working on a fictional memoir entitled Nothing Sweet About Me.

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