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Thank you to Kate Janulewicz at Indigo Bridge Books who has been so supportive in helping me create a Women's Diabetes Support Book Group!  This group is a community social support program for women who are interested in a new dietary way to live.  You don't need to be a woman living with diabetes to join.  This women's group is about:  support, education, sharing of experiences with diabetes, better balance of life with diabetes, helping loved ones with diabetes.  
Most of all, we will all discuss literature!  

Our first meeting at Indigo Bridge will be Monday, June 13th from 7-8p.m.  We'll begin with Introductions and books, of course!  Indigo Bridge has ordered (just for our group) two books that will be good foundational texts from which to begin.  The first book, Reflections On a Life With Diabetes: a memoir in many voices (eds. Diane M. Parker and Ruth Mark) will provide us with a wide range of reflections on individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Writers describe their initial reactions when they were first diagnosed, and how they are balancing their lives.  Poetry, prose, story-telling are all in this volume.  I am coupling this book with a reference/handbook that I have found excellent for both beginners and veterans:  Diabetes for Dummies (Alan L. Rubin, M.D.). Rubin's books has excellent information regarding Pre-Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.  

Other topics to discuss:
June 27th:  Changing behaviors one step at a time
July 11th:  Family dynamics and diabetes:  planning a grocery store tour
July 18th:  Grocery store tour--meet at Indigo for field trip!
August 8th:  Stress management
August 22nd:  Exercise!  

I look forward to meeting you on Monday June 13th at Indigo Bridge Books!  Come join us!
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Imagine being able to diminish the miserable symptoms that come with allergies:  the sneezing, the sinus infections, the runny nose, the itchy eyes and throat.  
For the very first time this spring, I can attest to being allergy free and I am attributing this miracle to something not so magical:  it's simply about my food choices.

Since I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I've dramatically changed my eating habits.  I have cut out all grains and instead have daily portions of almonds, pecans, some walnuts and Brazil nuts (these particular nuts are low in carbohydrates as opposed to nuts like cashews). Soymilk (unsweetened), tofu, lots of garlic, egg whites are included in my daily diet as well as lots of vegetables (kale, spinach, arugula, chard, asparagus, red bell pepper, jalapeños).  


For snacks, I eat half to a whole apple, berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries), a half of a not-so-ripe banana.  

The amount of sugar/carbohydrates I eat is about 100 to 110 carbohydrates a day.  I end the day with 3 TBLSP's of apple cider vinegar to avoid the "Dawn Phenomenon" which is known among those with Diabetes as a high glucose blood count in the morning.  My friend, David Mendosa, who is a freelance journalist and consultant specializing in Diabetes has written about this (click here for his article) and I can attest to the power of vinegar! (A look through David's website will also inform you on so many aspects regarding Diabetes.  David is also quite strict on carbohydrate daily counts.  He will tell you my 100-110 carbohydrate count can stand for further trimming.  I'm working on that).  

Gentle Reader--I'm writing you about this because I'm completely amazed that for the first time EVER-- I am not experiencing any kind of hay fever allergies right now. Between the beginning of April and the beginning of June--I have horrible allergies here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some years it's been so bad, I've developed a sinus infection that took two weeks to clear up with antibiotics (and you know how antibiotics wreak havoc in the body as a side effect).  

But this spring, lo and behold, I am allergy free. I am doing the unimaginable: riding my bike, walking outside at this time of year when every year prior to this one, I have kept myself indoors, been on all kinds of drugs, etc.  What we choose to eat is vital to our health in so many ways!! I so wish I had been eating like this years ago. 

My discoveries continually encourage me to question our national diet, our continual penchant for processed foods which contain such high amounts of carbohydrates and processed grains.  Fructose is now in every processed food we buy. 

I also wanted to send you an article that coincides with what I have discovered:
this article (click here) discusses the connections between food and allergies.  


Carbohydrates (sugar, fructose, glucose, etc.) are so very dangerous.  But food corporations will continue to sell us processed foods, will continue to work toward manipulating your palate so that your body craves more sugar all the time.  And once they have you craving carbohydrates, it's hard to stop.  And then you get sick and then your money is going toward medicines, doctor bills.  They want us to be sick.  

Fight it.  I say read David Mendosa's website whether you have Diabetes or not.  Diabetes is genetic (that's why I have it) but Diabetes is now becoming an epidemic.  People are developing Diabetes without the genetic inclination for it. Why?  Because we are exhausting our pancreas with the overwhelming amount of carbohydrates embedded in every processed food you buy at the store.  

Unless you have stopped buying prepared food and are cooking your own food, you are eating too many carbohydrates.  

It's tough to stop eating processed foods.  It's a huge commitment to learn to cook in a much more healthy way.  But it's worth it.  It gets easier and your sense of taste is more alive.  
I send you good wishes for much more healthy eating!