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Ruiz de Burton Penguin Book Tour

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What a warm and loving homecoming at Loyola Marymount University this past week (Thursday, October 1).  Thanks to Professor Karen Mary Davalos who organized this talk with LMU's William H. Hannon Library which is their brand new library on the bluff overlooking the ocean.  LMU librarians ROCK!
Years ago (circa 1970s) I stood there on the bluff (no buildings then!) after classes, looking out at the city, the ocean---  
I loved meeting and talking to so many Chicanas and Chicanos who reminded me of myself.  They asked me really important questions about how they should structure their time at Loyola, what would I think about this or that path in life--how to live?  I wanted to sit with them for much longer, to get to know them, to learn from them too.  How is it now as a student at Loyola?  The opportunities for them are endless.  
At my lecture I also had "six degrees of separation" moments meaning that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is everywhere!  Mary Ellen Cassman and her husband showed up at my talk and were quite enthusiastic about Ruiz de Burton.  It turns out that they are the parents of Professor Kenneth Cassman, past Chair and Professor of Agronomy and Agriculture at UNL. Then, Professor Robin Miskolcze, from Loyola's English Dept., talked to me at length about teaching nineteenth-century women writers. And who knew?  Robin received her PhD at University of Nebraska-Lincoln!  Lovely connections.  
What I love most (as I've said before) about these talks is meeting the people and hearing their stories--especially the students.  I find them passionate, committed to the word, in search of literary truths, humorous, generous, kind.
So thank you to all at LMU.  I am proud to say I am an LMU alumna!  
And thanks for the gifts too!  The lovely LMU wool scarf and cap will certainly keep me warm as we near the winter in The Great Plains!  

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In this picture:  Dean of LMU University Library, Kristine Brancolini,
myself, Professor Mary Karen Davalos, Chair of LMU Chicano/a Studies

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