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Bird & Beckett Bookstore, San Francisco

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bird beckett crowd.jpg

--audience members at Bird & Beckett Bookstore

Thank you to Eric, owner of Bird & Beckett Bookstore!  There
were so many wonderful people interested in learning about
Ruiz de Burton tonight.  Some were there because they had read
about the reading in the SF newspaper, others saw it on the
B&B website.  Most said they were there to find out about
the first Mexican American novelist--amazed that Latina
literary heritage dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.  
And then there was my "tocaya" (translation: "namesake"), 
Amelia Vigil who was there with her mother.  Here is a picture 
of Amelia Vigil and me:

Amelia & Amelia.jpg

Amelia Vigil attends Mills College and is soon to graduate.  
She's a creative writer and is interested in how writers consider
blogging and facebook.  Is blogging a creative enterprise,
similar to, say, fiction writing?  I say "no" and so does my
"tocaya."  Blogging can be a flash thought, a posting of
an event (like this one), quick discussions.  
I look forward to more conversations about this with Amelia 
Vigil.  It was quite a pleasure to meet her and her mother.
I too, like Amelia's mother, am a first generation Latina/Chicana
and like my "tocaya," I am the first in my family to receive
a B.A. (which then I went on to the M.A. and Ph.D).  I see
Amelia Vigil doing the same if she so desires it.  

What a thrill to meet everyone at the reading.  Thank you for
your interest in Ruiz de Burton but most of all, thank you for
your love and commitment to literature!  

Amelia speaking at Bird1.jpg

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