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Celebrating African American & African Studies Since 1971 at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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This week at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), the African American and African Studies Program is celebrating its 40th birthday.  In 1971, "Black Studies" arrived at UNL and has since evolved into a national and transnational program of study.  This week presentations and panels will focus on how far we have come, where we are at this moment in history (that some want to call "post-racial"), and the triumphs, burdens, commitments we carry into the 21st century.  

If you're in the Lincoln, Nebraska area-- please come and join us!  

African American and African Studies 40th Anniversary Events 

 Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Where:  Dudley Bailey Library (UNL)

What:  Showing of film and discussion on, "Wounded Knee"

Who:  Dr. Tom Gannon, English and Ethnic Studies Professor


Day of Service

Two community-based service projects at


1. Clyde Malone Center

2. F Street Community Center

Who:  Dr. Jeannette Jones has organized these events



Where:  International Quilt Studies Center (33rd St. & Holdredge St.)

Who:  Dr. Pearlie Johnson, Visiting Professor of Black Studies

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Title of talk:  "African American Quilts:  Teaching the Past

Through Quilting"



Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center (UNL)

Who:  Dr. Kwakiutl Dreher presents--"Reel Clips:  Contemporary

Glimpses From the Classroom"

Series of short films on black cinema created by Dr. Dreher's students


Thursday, October 20, 2011



Where:  Southeast Community College

Who:  Dr. Michael Honey, Fred T. and Dorothy G. Haley Professor of the Humanities

at the University of Washington-Tacoma

will be speaking on African-American civil rights and labor history



Panel Title:  "Critical Black Studies in a Globalized World" 

Who:  Dr. Lisa B. Thompson (SUNY Albany, English); Dr. Michael Combs (UNL, Political Science); Gerise Herndon (Nebraska Wesleyan); Chantal Kalisa (UNL, Modern Languages)

Moderators:  Dr. Alice Kang (UNL Political Science and Ethnic Studies) and

Dr. Jeannette Jones (UNL History and Ethnic Studies)

Where:  Dudley Bailey Library, Andrews Hall (UNL)


7:00p.m. (FIRST KEYNOTE)

Where:  UNL City Union, Auditorium

Who:  Acclaimed activist/author, Mark Mathabane delivers keynote

Mark Mathabane is famed author of _Kaffir Boy _

Title:  "Our Common Humanity and the Importance of Education"

--book signing after lecture


Friday, October 21, 2011



Where:  Dudley Bailey Library, Andrews Hall (UNL)

Who:  Dr. Lisa B. Thompson, Associate Professor of English

University of Albany, SUNY, (literary critic and playwright), author of _Beyond the Black Lady _

Title:  "Black Studies in the Age of Post-Blackness" (Dr. Thompson examines the challenges facing Black Studies in an age that some critics has pronounced as post-racial and considers the ways contemporary black theater challenges the notion of post-blackness)

--book Signing after lecture



What:  One-woman show, "In a Smoke-Filled Room"

Who:  Dr. Kwakiutl Dreher, Associate Professor of English and Ethnic Studies

Where:  Ted Sorensen Theater, Lincoln High School (2229 J Street)


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Theme of Day:  "Civil Rights Legacies"

Where: UNL City Campus Union--Heritage Room

8:30-9:00a.m., registration and refreshments


What:  "African Heritage in Latino Culture"

When:  9:15-10:30a.m.

Where:  Heritage Room--UNL City Campus Union

Who:  Dr. Sergio Wals, UNL Political Science and Ethnic Studies; Dr. James Garza, UNL History and Ethnic Studies; Dr. Amelia M.L. Montes, UNL English and Ethnic Studies


10:30-10:45a.m. Refreshment BREAK


What:  "Rainbow Justice:  LGBTQ Individuals of Color and Civil Rights"

When:  10:45-noon

Where: Heritage Room--UNL City Campus Union

Who:  Reverend Karla Cooper, Quinn Chapel AME Church; Dr. Amelia Montes, Associate Professor of English and Director, The Institute for Ethnic Studies at UNL; Sindu Sathiyaseelan, UNL Graduate Student in the Department of English at UNL; Andrew Lim, International Student

LUNCH BREAK:  noon - 1:15p.m.



Who:  Dr. Michael Honey, Fred T. and Dorothy G. Haley Professor of the Humanities

at the University of Washington-Tacoma

Title of Keynote:  "Martin Luther King:  Labor and the Long Civil Rights Movement." 

When:  1:30-3:00p.m.

Where: Heritage Room--UNL City Campus Union


3:00-3:30p.m. Refreshment BREAK



Who:  Martha Prescod Norman Noonan, civil rights veteran, community organizer, history teacher specializing in the civil rights movement

When:  3:30-5p.m.

Where: Heritage Room--UNL City Campus Union


Book signing all day Saturday, October 22nd at the City Campus Union  Heritage Room




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Learn versions Of Diamond Engagement Rin beads jewellery tibetan gemstone instant in the beginning motion from the route of marriage is unquestionably an Engagement which means you want it to turn into the perfect celebration,You ought to take into account about quite a few aspects this form of as venue,customer checklist,meals as well as by far the most critical sterling silver charms instant stage is engagement ring,br
Diamond engagement ringbr
The most treasured current received by a cherished one is unquestionably an Engagement Ring,A diamond engagement ring is unquestionably a sign of ones respective cultural and unique tastes,you happen to be sterling silver tibetan jewellery ready to uncover unique varieties in diamond engagement ring,youll require to verify the values of four Cs To decide on out the perfect ring that occur for being coloration,reduced,carat and clarity as well as the atmosphere from the Tibetan instant ring,The perfect atmosphere only presents the true attractiveness within the ring,For you merely will require to make your mind up within the perfect atmosphere to the engagement ring,extensive vary of settings in engagement rings is available but six settings are exceptionally properly,known alongside together with the folks,The perfect atmosphere only presents the true attractiveness within the ring,For you merely will require to make your mind up within the perfect atmosphere to the engagement ring,extensive vary of settings in engagement rings is available but six settings are exceptionally properly,known alongside together with the folks,they are as follows:br
Channel Settingsbr
In this form of settings,modest diamonds are established on two sides,It safeguards the diamond girdles and provides a sleek total,owning reported that,when creating use of the atmosphere you should be careful,br
Antique Settingsbr
This atmosphere is incredibly greatest regarded for his her majestic air,This Antique atmosphere is normally set up in Oval,Pear,Emerald,or coronary heart type,br
Bezel Settingsbr
In this atmosphere,diamonds are set within a collar at in shut proximity to diploma alongside together with the surface area from the ring,It provides dimension and top and it safeguards the diamond from harm,In white coloration,diamonds appears to be like to turn into even bigger than its authentic dimension,In yellow settings,the diamonds established within will even demonstrate up yellowish,br
Solitaire settingbr
Solitaire atmosphere is amid the best settings,This atmosphere is great for all models like Oval,Pear,coronary heart,Radiant,spherical,Marquise and Emerald,This atmosphere is sort of properly,known for engagements,largely for the reason that it reveals the coloration and reduced from the diamond when gentle falls on it,It shows an eternal definitely like and unbreakable bond of marriage,br
Two Tapered Baguette Settingsbr
In this atmosphere,center diamond surrounds with two other glowing diamonds which presents a deluxe start looking and come to feel,in instance you have the ring of the atmosphere then there is no choose to get shock when folks are seeking at your hand at social dos,br
Cathedral Settingsbr
This atmosphere is properly,known concerning all those people number of that are exceptionally romantic,handmade bead jewelry,,The style and model in this particular specific atmosphere appears to be just like a cathedral within of the church,its basically uncovered in sq,and spherical,in this particular specific the principal diamond is set firmly in concerning the bands that get there out from both of those similarly sides and safeguard the diamond,nevertheless it is just not advantageous to do the job with with a variety of or even bigger stones,

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The added benefits of Two Tone jewelry Two Tone Ce thangkas tibetan handmade silver instant jewellery new arrivals of rings then,the Celtic assortment allows grownup females to make your mind up to the dimensions and positioning while in the gemstones,to the correct identical time,on top of that you might have a chance to make your mind up to the shade combine similarly,The conclude end result is sterling silver instant the perfect combine of shade and craftsmanship,A excellent current for that marriage ceremonyTwo tone gold jewelry is developed while in the most effective metals and has the opportunity to be sure you even a single of your most reserved customers with its a single tibetan gemstone instant of a sort style and design and kind,to the correct identical time,treatment method is utilized to make sure the rings although while in the Celtic assortment are developed to enhance a wedding ceremony,you might be ready to make your mind up on the style and design,thangka paintings,,give sterling silver charms instant a kind and purchase an excellent current in the beloved or for that unique excellent buddy,Out the next,the choice of treasured stones in addition to the styling is ruled thoroughly with the conclude consumer,the vendor is far extra than joyful to oblige,So when now we have an exceptionally assortment that is a single of the sterling silver tibetan pendants

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