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Todos Somos Arizona--

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The first of May--thousands of people are walking the streets to protest Arizona's legislation which requires police officials to stop anyone who may "look" like an immigrant.  This legislation teaches hatred, fear, suspicion. Who "looks" like an immigrant?  What does this do except to oppress and discriminate.   

The United States Immigration Policy Center has years of research to prove that immigrants "are LESS likely to commit crimes or be behind bars than the native-born" (CLICK here for article).  

My familia, like thousands of other immigrants, came here to escape poverty, war, and today they also come to escape the violence caused by narcotrafficking.  They come here to work hard, to begin a new life.  In 2009, the CATO Institute conducted a study showing that there could be a $180 Billion dollar benefit to legalizing undocumented workers (CLICK here for article). The article emphasizes that "simply enhancing border enforcement and applying restrictive immigration laws would actually hurt the U.S. economically."  

I hope for a country without fear, suspicion, hatred.  I hope for a country who places generous and loving creativity first as the way toward sound legislation.  

May this legislation be reversed soon so that we may truly work toward a sound and productive solution.  


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