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Felicidades to my friend and Macondista colleague, Lorraine López--nominated for the PEN/Faulkner Award for her collection, _Homicide Survivor's Picnic and Other Stories_!  Lorraine's tightly woven stories are about mujeres who are at the end of their wits, who are imperfect, volatile, riding on a thin track of hope. With humor and compassion, Lorraine's keen literary precision dissects human failings, bad behavior, screwball triumph.  She knows how to  reveal the worst in all of us.  Check out Lorraine's other wonderful books:  The Gifted Galbadon Sisters and Call Me Henri

I also want to give a shout out to my lovely film students who are doing a great job in their weekly discussions and writing. Last week, with just minimal preparation, they prepared and performed a strong oral reading of Chicano poet/activist Corky Gonzáles' "Yo Soy Joaquin." Then we saw the film adaptation of the poem (done in 1969).  Their observations of the film version were insightful, fresh.  The discussion became even more in-depth when I added the 23 minute "Yo Soy Chicana" (done ten years later in 1979) by Sylvia Morales.  Morales had received a $5,000 grant while a film student at UCLA.  And with that money, "Yo Soy Chicana" became a reality.  Later, she received $10,000 for a Spanish version of the film.  The students quickly noted the linear, heavily historical aspect to the Morales film while "Yo Soy Joaquin" ascribes to a romantic view with a non-linear presentation. Both are fascinating to connect. 

Next week, we will be reading the play, _Real Women Have Curves_ in preparation for analyzing how plays are translated to film.  My friend and colleague, Joy Castro, will be entering into the conversation as a guest speaker.  She has written on both the play and film version of "Real Women Have Curves"!  Yay for collaborations and literary/film discussions!  
And by the way, if you haven't checked out Joy Castro's website, go GO--click here!  Check out her blog!  

Sending you all, lovely readers, good wishes! And felicidades again to Lorraine López!

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