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The Power of PFLAG

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"In 1972, Jeanne Manford started an international movement when she marched with her son Mortie in New York's Gay Pride Parade.  Enraged that her son had been beaten at a gay rights protest two months before while police did nothing, she carried a sign at the Pride march: 'Parents of Gays:  Unite in Support of Our Children'. 30 years later, PFLAG (Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is 500 chapters strong with over 250,000 members, supporters, and affiliates worldwide." (PFLAG History)

Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, the PFLAG chapter is going strong.  Last night PFLAG held its biggest fundraiser of the year:  Jack Saltzman's Chocolate Party.  Jack hosts an amazing gathering in celebration of diversity.  His home is a lovely tour of beautiful antiques, a myriad of Christmas trees and lovely chocolate delights.  

All money raised goes directly to offering support, education and advocacy for our LGBTQ young people.  LGBTQ teens are three times as likely to attempt suicide (Soulforce).  "Of all hate crimes reported in 2007, the proportion committed against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals rose 16.6 percent, also the highest level in five years" (  It is so important to advocate for our LGBTQ young people. 

I wish for a society that recognizes the gifts that each individual can bring to a community--that every one of us has unique gifts to offer. As soon as someone is left out, as soon as someone is disrespected or violated, we are all left out, we are all disrespected, we are all violated.  

Thanks to you Jack and to all those who attended last night's fundraiser.  If you weren't there but would like to contribute to PFLAG's efforts, here is their website:  PFLAG Lincoln.  Check out the pictures below of our lovely evening:  

choc party 10.jpg

Jack Saltzman and Amelia:  Jack Saltzman's lovely holiday
decorations behind us.  

Choc party 1.jpg

John Raible, Amelia Montes, and Randy Messman after tasting the lovely 
chocolate hor d'oeuvres

choc party 4.jpg

Lois Hansen and Pat Tetreault.  Lois and Pat are longtime 
supporters of PFLAG.  Yay for Lois and Pat!!  And below are
the lovely chocolates!

choc party 7.jpg

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