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Tribute to Dr. Luis Diaz-Perdomo

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Luis Perdomo & me.jpg
Amelia and Dr. Luis Diaz-Perdomo at Chenery Park Restaurant 
after the Bird & Beckett reading on October 6 (San Francisco)

Luis Diaz-Perdomo, a former University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member, worked at UNL's Counseling and Psychological Services and also served many years as advisor to the Gay
Men's Discussion Group.  I write about Luis because his presence in my life
at the beginning of my years in Lincoln and his presence in many other people's lives has been quite important. He and his partner, Dr. Lou Crompton (who died on July 11) inspired me in my teaching and Luis was responsible for my connections to Cuba.  Both of these individuals made an important impact nationally and internationally with publications in LGBTQ literatures and studies.  Thank you!
What a pleasure, then, to have Luis at my talk at Bird & Beckett Books--and to meet his good friends, such as Carl Stuart (see below).  

Luis Perdomo & Carl.jpg


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