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Proud of Our Students!

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In my last entries, I showcased the many energized and active students I met during my California Book Tour who are writing, publishing, gathering in communities of action to help each other, to help their communities and the world.  
I also stand in admiration for our students here in Nebraska--like María Molina today who helped organize over 100 bicycle riders through downtown Lincoln for the mass bike ride.  These students are members of University of Nebraska-Lincoln's "Progressive Student Coalition" or PSC.  They are also co-sponsored by ASUN (The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska).  Thank you PSC for caring about the environment and the well-being of others.  

My own students gave me permission to showcase them.  Here they are:

my students1.jpg

These students are in my English 212, Lesbian and Gay Literature course.  What a brilliant group!  They are a wonderfully diverse group which always makes discussions lively.  I look forward to being with them every week to find out what they thought of the film, the play we saw, the novel we read.  Their insights energize me.  It is in the working together, or working through the piece that we come to a better understanding of ourselves in the world. Thanks for your energy and your honesty!  See you soon!

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