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First Day of Class!

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There's always a kind of nervous excitement right before the beginning of a semester.  Although I've been teaching for over 25 years, I still experience an energy of anticipation.  

Teaching can be like this:  There is a picture in my head of a window opening, a group of individuals are with me and we are about to embark on the discovery of all the intricate details that lie past the open pane of glass.  In this case, we are on a journey of reading, considering, discussing over ten works of literature:  novels, memoir, plays, poetry inclusive of film too.  

Much goes into all the preparation of planning which books, which films, how to present it to this group I haven't met.  My objective is to make this course, entitled Lesbian and Gay literature, much more diverse given that sexuality and gender is such a complex matrix of difference. Most of all, I'm always on the hunt for new and well-crafted literature.  This year's find for class is Terry Galloway's memoir, Mean Little Deaf Queer. Galloway writes a "mean" memoir and exposes the pain in her life with such subtle and precise language.  Her prose is sleek, funny, and poignant.  I found this book late in the summer, so I just ordered it for the class.  We'll be reading it in November.  Right now we're starting off with Mel White's Stranger At The Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America.  

Mean Little Deaf Queer: a Memoir

After all the planning and considering, the moment they walk in, I feel the window is open and the journey now begins.  Tonight I felt their energies and it was great.  They are coming from so many varied experiences and backgrounds--an exuberant group!  I can already tell we will be learning much from each other.  


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